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Spiraling Droplets

 2016 Canal Convergence

Scottsdale, Arizona



Water is capable of creating a vast variety of shapes. Liquid, crystal, and gas are the primary states of water but the shape variations are immense, such as snowflakes, clouds, mist, and so forth. And although water is capable of creating all these shapes, almost most of them are ephemeral and are sometimes intangible and naked to the human eye. The shape created by the splash of a water drop is quite of elegance and beauty, but we can only appreciate it if captured, in still views within thousands of a second. We felt in love with this water form, and our inspiration is drawn from its shape transitions. Our art piece "Spiraling Droplets" is a sculptural expression of these captured moment in time.

The art work consist of two water splashes, each containing 15 consecutive illuminated water droplets that progressively grow in size and shape. The consecutive evolution of the water droplets mimics the still motion frames of a water drop. The two drops sequence arrangement was designed on the shapes created by the movement of water ripples and water currents. The 30 droplets float over 600 feet over the canal south of the Marshall Way Bridge at the Scottsdale waterfront.

The water droplets are illuminated with various light sequence animations that are inspired by water elements and water animated landscapes such as , the refractions of running water, the falling snow, the reflections of a swimming pool, a bloomy rainy day; as well as the movement of breaking glazier formations, or the defragmentation of light that creates a rainbow over a cloud of mist.

Virtual interaction: The animated illumination was connected to Facebook . When someone FRIENDS "Spiraling Droplets" on Facebook, it would play a light animation of a "Rainbow " to show that it has accepted your friendship. Then the visitor can post a "comment" and the Droplets would animate and "blush" with a red light animation.


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