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Hello Sunshine


West Palm Beach, Florida



This sculpture is one of five distinct installations throughout West Palm Beach. Individually they each symbolize a single burst of sunlight. Together they coalesce the character of  West Palm Beach as a full sunrise and represent the vibrant personality of this city. 

There is a unique characteristic in the sense of unity. One can describe this as the composition of many parts that share something in common or that come together to create something in unison. However, being part of something does not means each part is identical. In fact, the composition of the whole is usually valued by its vast differences. We incorporated this idea into our design for the West Palm Beach gateways. The Sunshine State, like the rest of the Union, has its own unique qualities that makes it unique. We drew inspiration from the complex relation of unity and uniqueness, and from the distinctive qualities of the “Sunshine State” in order to create an expression of the relation of the five districts in West Palm Beach. Meet “Hello Sunshine” one cannot see the whole picture at once. You have to experience each part individually, in order for you to appreciate the whole thing.  We want to give people the opportunity to go out and experience all five districts and see the whole picture that makes up West Palm Beach.

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