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Beyond Horizons

 Temporary 360 degree Installation

Public Horizon Pavilion, New York, NY

It used to be that a particular public space was known for its qualities, such as a lake, a central plaza, or a park. People frequent these public spaces to experience these qualities. Some would travel far to see more unique and renown public locations. Now, the world is as far as a click away. You can travel the world through a 2d screen at home, and yet you have no sense of traveling distances or relevance to those places. From this concept, we posted the question, what if a public space can show you something that is not there, but rather in a place far from there. We propose to create a panoramic, 360° telescopic window screen that shows you what is beyond the horizon, the people and cultures that lie beyond your line of site, and even those further beyond. This window places you in an oriented relevance between the space you are currently standing, and the rest of the world. It shows you what is 4000 miles to the east, or 6500 miles south, or 700 miles north-west; You will see all the selected places around the world in direct relevance within the particular place you are standing. All places and people are intertwined with other places and people. Regardless of how different we are or how different we think, we all have a common ground. The screen has a network of lines that links all these places to one common element. creating a halo within the pavilion.

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