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Gelatinous Bloom

SM GLOW 2013

Santa Monica Beach, CA

Meet "Swarm" (the Gelatinous Bloom), a field of interactive giant jelly fish, a large area that will be surrounded with these giant curious creatures. The audience will be able to walk underneath and around the ever color changing pieces. Each piece will have a microprocessor that controls a proximity sensor and a series of RGB LED lights. when a person walks under or near each piece, the Jelly will activate a series of light sequences that will let the spectators interact with the artwork. It will be like getting sting by the jelly, but instead of pain, it will create a pleasant light and sound sensation. The Jellies will also be equipped with a small portable speaker system intended to generate a mild ambiance sound to go along with the triggered interaction of the artwork. Multiple spectators can be coordinated to have the jellies read more than one individual and have more than one response, and even to create a chain reaction.

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